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Founded in 1989, America's Food Bank (AFB), a not-for profit organization established as its mission, "The providing of food and related commodities to those in need."  We have served the human and special needs of veterans and active service members and their families and have provided millions of dollars in goods and services.

AFB has been authorized by the United States Armed Forces (Air Force, Army. Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps) to use their respective emblems on candy, to be distributed as treats to our hospitalized and outpatient recipients and to be marketed for  charitable purposes.  We hope to offer you the opportunity to purchase these fine quality confections, made in the United States by an American owned company.  The net proceeds from the sale of these candies will support our mission of serving those men and women who serve and have served to protect our freedom and promote peace in our world.


Freedom Chews

Freedom Mints



America's Food Bank
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