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America's Food Bank (AFB) was incorporated on April 26, 1989, with the primary goal of supplying food and related commodities to needy veterans and catastrophically ill in the greater Chicagoland area. AFB has already donated product to thousands of veterans and ill. Since its inception, millions of dollars in food, supplies and services have been distributed.

A strong and rooted local area network of compassionate and dedicated persons has been working with founder, Cynthia Simpson, to ensure safety, accountability, and the ability to procure and distribute the much needed products.

AFB has provided groceries, prepared meals and holiday gifts for the needy. It has met the needs of anyone in trouble and has been especially helpful to those affected by disabling injuries.

AFB Today - and Tomorrow

America's Food Bank has provided help to the needy in many ways. Recipients have included:

  • United States Military
  • Inner Voice Veterans Assistance & Transitional Housing
  • New Hope Community Church Food Pantry
  • Jessie Brown Westside VA Hospital
  • St. Nicholas Episcopal Church Food Pantry
  • Salvation Army Des Plaines Corps

Programs and Activities

America's Food Bank has conducted programs and activities in the following areas:

Food Distribution

AFB distributed groceries, prepared meals and related commodities to the needy through agencies and organizations who serve this sector of society. Distribution has included personal care items including soap, shampoo, colognes, etc.

Emergency Numbers

America's Food Bank makes available a list of emergency phone numbers as part of its community outreach services.  These numbers are toll free numbers one can call to receive information for emergency services and crisis intervention support.  Also, There are many numbers provided for various disease-related help-lines.


America's Food Bank has acted as a support source to agencies and organizations in the past by donating a car for the spinal cord injured to learn to drive.  Many who are paralyzed can drive with special hand controls and this was a vital addition to their therapeutic support.  AFB has also donated computers for educational purposes.

In the past, AFB arranged for a scholarship at a local Junior College which enabled needy students to obtain an education in cosmetology.  In turn, this local Junior College supplied cosmetology services to homeless veterans and other needy, free of charge.  This program became so successful that the free-of-charge services had to be limited.

Supplies and Equipment

AFB has donated TV's, a special Clinitron air flow bed, fax machines, phone systems, stoves, washers & dryers and various other supplies and equipment to agencies and organizations who can best use them. Many years ago, AFB donated a van to Franciscan Outreach to be used to transport their clients and to pick up much-needed commodities.   Many letters of thanks have been received for these much needed supplies and equipment.

Additional Programs and Activities

Additional Programs have included: "Christmas at Home" - America's Food Bank volunteers visited different veterans facilities with food, presents and entertainment on Christmas Eve.  "A Fabulous Fourth" - on the 4th of July AFB volunteers visited facilities with food, gifts, and entertainment.  A Valentine's Day Celebration - Facilities are visited and flowers distributed to each resident. AFB supported National Hospitalized veterans week by supplying special treats to the Jesse Brown Veterans Hospital.At this time, the VA hospital is not accepting treats of fresh flowers

U.S. Military Support

America's Food Bank supports U.S. Military operations.  As early as 1991, America's Food Bank was asked to donate personal care items for our men and women who were being deployed to the Persian Gulf.  Within a matter of a few days, AFB secured numerous personal care items to be given to our men prior to their departure. We support the U.S. Marines Family Day by donating the food for this annual event.

Emergency/Crisis/Disaster Relief Support Program

America's Food Bank (AFB) has continued to be a source of support during these critical times. In addition to food donations, we have assisted our recipient agencies by helping arrange special programs for their recipients. Collaborative work has always been a special part of our mission because we have always believed that shared goals, energies, and resources can 'make magic' for someone. We don't just want to feed the body, we want to nourish the soul.

America's Food Bank
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